Our Pre-Designed buildings are 'Net Zero Energy'- ready & Passive House certifiable :  They are designed to be complemented with renewable energy solutions to require no additional energy than they produce themselves.  We achieve this potential by using a super-insulated and air tight building envelope, and high quality windows and doors, combined with efficient, moderately sized designs.

CV 1500

With 1500 square ft of living space on two floors, this plan will be perfect for anyone looking to make a solid investment and be protected from the rising costs of energy.  

Shown with a modern shed roof, this plan can have a more traditional looking gable roof, with vaulted or (more inexpensive) flat ceilings, as well as alternative exterior finishes.  We want our plans to work for your specific needs so don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like to make modifications.


  • Reduced energy requirements / Zero energy-ready
  • Air tight and super insulated building envelope
  • Passive House certified windows
  • 3 Bedrooms : one with master bath
  • full bathroom upstairs, WC on main
  • Garage entry through mudroom
  • optional basement

1500 square foot, high performance home, south side.

1500 square foot, high performance home, north side.

The COLLECTIVE Advantage : CV 1500 details:

Base price : $ 375,000. at full build out, from dirt to doorknobs (land additional).


  • Insulated, frost protected, slab on grade foundation
    • 8" perimeter and sub slab insulation
  • High Performance Walls, featuring:
    • 2x4 structural framing (site insulated r 12 mineral wool)
    • 5/8" air barrier sheathing : taped for air tightness
    • Integrated I joist outer insulation layer : 9.5" cellulose insulation r 36 (for a total of R 48)
    • Vapour permeable weather resistant barrier
    • Strapping to suit siding application 
  • 2nd Level floor framed with engineered I joists and insulated with sound deadening mineral wool (roxul safe and sound - typical)
  • All interior walls wood framed and insulated with sound deadening mineral wool (roxul safe and sound - typical)
  • Euroline 4700 series thermoplus tilt and turn, uPVC, windows & doors
  • High Performance Roof panels, featuring:
    • 2x4 interior ceiling service layer (insulated with r 12 mineral wool)
    • 5/8" air barrier sheathing : taped for air tightness
    • 16" I joist roof framing
    • 16" dense packed cellulose insulation ( r 60 )
    • vapour permeable weather resistant barrier
    • 2x4 horizontal strapping
    • 2x4 framed ventilation roof with 1/2" plywood sheathing
    • roofing membrane
  • Interior:
    • painted drywall walls and ceilings
    • painted pine baseboard, window and door casing
    • sealed concrete 1st level floor finish ; laminated wood on 2nd level
    • laminate countertops in kitchen, bathrooms and laundry
    • IKEA cabinets (tbd by client)
  • Exterior:
    • concrete entry and rear decks
    • fir lumber siding on vented rainscreen
    • fir lumber window and door returns
    • metal fascia, window and door pans.
    • aluminum soffit
    • metal roofing
  • Mechanical and Heating:
    • ductless mini split heat pump on each level
      • optional woodstove on main
    • baseboard heaters in each bed & bathrooms
    • Lunos e2 ductless heat recovery ventilator
    • drainwater heat recover systems
    • rainwater collection solutions available
    • renewable energy solutions available to minimize monthly ownership costs
  • Interior options:
    • visible timber and glulam structure, including mass timber walls
    • wood trim : baseboard, casing, millwork
    • t&g interior walls and ceiling applications
    • flooring options, including wood, cork, tile
    • plumbing and electrical fixtures tbd by client
  • Exterior options:
    • attached garage ( as shown ) or attached carport
      • detached options available
    • wood framed decks : front entrance and rear deck
    • adaptable deck configurations : to suit owner, site & views
    • siding, soffit, and trim options available 

We know the most sustainable buildings are those which adapt to the changing lives of their occupants.
— JP 2016