Here are a few ways to work with us:

While we would love to complete all projects from start to finish, we understand there are so many variables to contend with in construction.  Depending on your particular situation and location, you'll find us a willing and able partner in your project.  Regardless of the option you choose, building with our high performance panelized system reduces the project timeline by one to two months.   Give us a call us to discuss the details and get started.

Design:    Our design service includes all documents required to obtain a building permit in your local jurisdiction.  This usually includes:

  • a plot plan

  • construction blueprints

    • building plan

    • floor plans with proposed use

    • elevations

    • sections

    • details

We also include interior and exterior specifications, and material take offs.  If we're building a Passive House, we can add the Passive House Planning Package consulting and design to our scope of work.  All of our plans can achieve Passive House certification if the building site allows and we encourage this option as the most economical route to zero energy use, in most circumstances.

Supply:     A perfect solution for builders familiar with off-site construction - whether it's timber framing or using another panelized building system.  A supply-only contract gives you control of your timeline and labour, while still gaining the benefits of greatly reduced total construction time. This solution includes design and supply of watertight building envelope package including:

  • wall, floor and roof panels, as per building envelope specifications and drawings
  • tapes, gaskets and sealants required to air and water seal the building envelope
  • structural screws and other required fasteners
  • installation drawings and instructions for use by site crew

We supply a building envelope with required fasteners, tapes, gaskets & sealants, ready to be installed on your foundation.  When the installation is finished, the home is ready for interior framing, windows and door, and exterior structure & siding.   A supply only contract is a great way to keep your site crew involved and working, and we will send a representative to explain the installation drawings and coordinate the installation process if this is our first project together.

Supply and install:    including above mentioned design & supply plus installation by our professional crew including:

  • shipping to site
  • crane use
  • scaffold or other installation equipment
  • structural beams and posts required for panel install
  • interior & exterior air sealing
  • window and door installation and air sealing (if scheduling permits, as per contract)

If you prefer to be hands-off during the installation and focus your energy elsewhere, we can provide a worry-free service.  We will coordinate a crane and our crew to install your project in a matter of days.  When we leave, the building envelope, including walls, floor and roof panels, will be air and water tight.  We use EPDM gaskets to seal between panels during the install and high performance tapes to seal the exterior weather resistant membrane after the crane departs.  Your crew then takes over and finishes the home.  

Complete contract:    complete house, ready to move in – from design to dirt to doorknobs.

  • excavation and foundation work
  • design, supply and installation of building envelope, as per above
  • interior and exterior framing (including exterior structure)
  • additional site insulating
  • plumbing, electrical and HVAC trade work
  • drywall and other interior wall & ceiling covering
  • all interior trim and millwork
  • exterior siding, soffit, and finishing
  • interior and exterior detailing
  • renewable energy system consulting, estimating, supply and install (if specified by contract)

We take care of everything.